Michael T Ford
at Shallow Water Music


Michael T Ford is a composer, producer, copyist and concert manager based in the Leeds/Manchester area. Having grown up, studied and worked in the music industry, he considers himself a contemporary classical musician, whilst undertaking projects in all genres, from classical to rock/pop, music theatre/dance and – a personal favourite – music for soundtracks (games, films, television and incidental music). His work on the MMus course at Leeds College of Music has convinced him of the potential for soundtracks to bridge the widening divide between those who appreciate ‘classical’ music and those who do not; he hopes to undertake a PhD in this field.

As well as building his own portfolio of compositions, Michael works frequently in partnership with other composers, offering services from copying/score preparation and/or orchestration to the pooling of ideas and resources. He is a talented performer and multi-instrumentalist, playing piano and keyboards, guitar and bass, drums and percussion, and utilising modern computer elements and electronics in his work.

Michael is also a prolific songwriter, working under the stage name of Aescer. He has released two full-length albums and two EPs on his own independent record label. He collaborates regularly with other performers as a producer and songwriter, and enjoys working with colleagues whose musical vision complements his own.


For further information and quotes contact Michael at shallowwatermusic@me.com