Michael T. Ford
Shallow Water Music

Helping Musicians with Technology
from students to professionals

Technology is a major factor to the modern musician.

The worlds of composition and production have come together with some incredibly talented composers creating beautiful pieces of work but with no knowledge of theory and how to move their compositions into manuscript for their musicians to perform, whilst on the flip side classically trained composers are wanting (and even expected) to add and utilise production techniques for their compositions.

It has become increasingly easier to record relatively good quality tracks in your bedroom and as a result students and young performers are expected to be able to create a strong portfolio of recordings even though they may have never learnt how to. With the world of laptops and effects pedals both audiences and performers are wanting something a little different in performances these days, but the world of technology is diverse and can seem intimidating to someone with no experience.

Michael T Ford is a composer, producer, copyist and concert manager living in Huddersfield and working in the Leeds/Manchester area. Having grown up, studied and worked in the music industry, he considers himself a contemporary classical musician, whilst undertaking projects in all genres, from classical to rock/pop, music theatre/dance and – a personal favourite – music for soundtracks (games, films, television and incidental music). He received a BA Hon at Huddersfield University in Music Technology and an MMus at Leeds College of Music in Film and Game composition.

Michael specialises in helping the modern musician take their music to the next level. He does one to one and group sessions teaching various aspects of music technology and computers for non-technically minded musicians, and does typesetting, scoring, arranging and orchestration for the production based musicians who need help communicating their visions to classical musicians. He has worked with prestigious composers on some amazing projects, most notably his work with Nitin Sawhney on BBCs Human Planet series.

He is a talented composer, producer and session musician in his own right and is currently planning on undertaking a PhD looking at how film and game soundtracks can make classical music more exciting for young people. Michael is also a prolific songwriter, working under the stage name of Aescer. He has released two full-length albums and two EPs on his own independent record label. He collaborates regularly with other performers as a producer and songwriter, and enjoys working with colleagues whose musical vision complements his own.

For further information and quotes contact Michael at shallowwatermusic@me.com