Michael Ford is based in London and Huddersfield, working mainly in London, Manchester and Leeds. His work covers many areas of the music industry, from Classical to Rock and Pop, Music Theatre and Dance, Film and Game Music, and Contemporary Music. Born into a musical family, Michael has grown up in a professional musical environment. He is a talented performer and multi-instrumentalist, composer and music producer.


Michael is passionate about helping other people achieve their musical goals. This might be staging a performance, or having a composition typeset and brought to life, whether in the studio or the concert hall. He is known and respected in the classical world, and has helped introduce composers of a non-classical background to the world of orchestration and written notation.


Michael also runs a small, independent record label - Shallow Water Records. On this label he releases the music he writes and produces in his spare time. This ranges from classical to contemporary, along with the bands and artists he works with and his own solo song writing career - Aescer. Although he likes music of all styles, Michael responds best to music from the early Romantic era onwards, most notably enjoying the works of Beethoven and Tchaikovsky. He strongly believes that the Rite of Spring by Stravinksy is the greatest piece of music ever written. Working with other musicians, particularly in an orchestral environment, is a real incentive to get out of bed in the morning!


Michael also enjoys books and poetry, especially literature of the nineteenth century. He writes literature and poetry himself, enjoys single malt whisky and being inventive in the kitchen.